NEW 2024 GMC SIERRA HEAVY DUTY “Off-Road Business”

January 15th, 2024 by

NEW 2024 GMC SIERRA HEAVY DUTY “Off-Road Business”

Dave Ostapiw:
Hey guys. Dave Ostapiw here, Ostercruiser on YouTube. Today we’re checking out the new twenty-twenty-four GMC Sierra HD AT4. Over the last three days, we’ve taken this AT4 through every kind of terrain imaginable. We’ve been taking over mountains. We’ve been pulling trailers everywhere. We’ve been conquering unprepared roads. What’s not to love about this thing? We came up on a logging road this morning, towing two Sherps on a trailer with the GMC Sierra HD AT4. It’s got an available diesel exhaust brake to help control your speed on the steepest grades. The tried and true available 6.6 Duramax, paired with the Allison 10-speed transmission, powerful torque down low, right where you need it, right when you’re starting off. She means business when you’re looking at the front. Beautiful LED headlamps, available BFD all-terrain tires, beautiful tow mirrors. Got the steps to get in the bed. Back here, the MultiPro Tailgate.

This thing is a work of art… you reach in the bed. You got a great step in and out of the box. The AT4, it’s luxury on the inside and it’s all business on the outside maybe some of the best stuff is the tech they put in. There are up to 14 available camera views, everything designed to help you tow a trailer with confidence. They help you see in front of the trailer to make sure you’re not dragging. We’re on some really uneven ground right now. You’ve got cargo bed view to help you hook up your hitch.

All right, guys, we are here. Let’s go check out this river. You guys ready? Let’s do this. The GMC Sierra HD AT4. I’m not ashamed to say it. I think I’m going to be buying one of these soon.

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